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"Resolutions", part one of two.
stormer1_1 wrote in that70sfanfic
Author - stormer1_1/Inner Fantasy/SSG...I go by many names.
Pairing - Jackie/Fez. Big honkin' surprise. Also a dash of Eric/Donna for good measure.
Rating - NC-17, safe to say.
Warnings - Graphic erotic scenery, harsh language tossed about here and there. Nothing smut lovers would find offensive.
Disclaimer - Characters property of Fox/ Casey-Werner. Don't sue, I have nothing but madcap creative jones'.
Summary - Self doubt gets the best of Jackie during the Forman's New Year's party; Fez, being Fez, makes every effort to assuage her.



Generally speaking, Jackie Burkhardt had never adapted well to change. It didn’t suit her; she just wasn’t the type of branch to bend in the wind of life without giving it a firm, shrill piece of her mind. She preferred by far to be the tree that stood defiantly in the face of life’s blistering hurricanes, staring them down and willing them to go away. Change, simply put, was not Jackie’s thing.

Still, during four years of high school and endless days of stoned boredom in Eric’s basement she’d been forced to endure and accept a staggering amount of it. Nothing at all had turned the way it should have. Bankruptcy had robbed her of both of her parents and the roofs over her head; with them went the security she’d adopted from her parents’ prejudices, even the safety she’d sought out in other men’s arms. Jackie sniffed, staring down at her hands folded in her lap. Like mother, like daughter. Oh, the drama.

Well, okay, that she’d adapted to with a bit more ease; she had been, as Forman himself once so eloquently put it, the so-called Yoko to her friends’ Beatles, after all. Her eyes flicked towards Fez out of unconscious habit and just as quickly darted away before he could catch her.

Honestly, how stupid had she been? Jackie shook her head and resigned herself to staring out the car window. It was like fate itself had tried to smack sense into her that night in the Kenosha disco. Hello, who was it dancing with her by the end of the night? Not Michael. Sure as hell not Steven.

Her train of thought derailed at the sensation of her hand being kissed, and then cradled. Her new “boyfriend” was smiling at her, illuminated only by the somewhat impersonal glow of the dashboard light. Jackie inwardly shoved aside the old tingle of unease and smiled back with uncharacteristic shyness.

“What are you thinking about?”

She bit her lip and looked back down at her lap. “You,” she said without hesitation.



“That’s kind of unusual for you.”

Flames of embarrassment burned her face. “Well, can’t a girl change her mind without getting snarked at left and right?”

He laughed, gently. “Not in your case, no.”

“Shut up.”

“You see? Who’s doing the snarking now, prissy-pants?”

“Shut up!” The back of her hand stung his bicep with an indignant smack; Fez yelped and slapped her upper thigh in retaliation. “Ay, Jacqueline! You know your bite hurts way more than your bark!”

Her thigh tingled; she writhed her way out of the seatbelt’s grasp to snuggle against him as best she could. “Please. I only bite when asked,” she admonished, tracing an invisible line on his thigh with one finely manicured nail.

“Hm.” Jackie felt his body shifting to the side underneath her and snickered to herself; he was so easy to get a rise out of. One glance at his lap proved this to be true in the literal sense. “Better be careful what you say to me, Jackie.” Fez let his hand drift down to bare the small of her back and stroke her skin with an almost devious intent. “Or else those prissy little pants of yours may end up coming off tonight.”

Jackie snorted and administered a second slap. “God, Fez, you’re such a one-track mind!”

“And you know you love it.”

The car shuddered to a stop alongside the Forman’s front yard; she hadn’t realized they’d even left the highway. Fez cut the engine, leaving them in pregnant silence. Jackie sat up.

“Maybe I do,” she conceded with a barely hidden smile, “but I love it more when you behave yourself, okay?”

“We’ll see,” he cracked, and swooped in to steal a kiss that turned itself into a long, slow tease. Flames of embarrassment morphed into lust so searing it made her gasp into his mouth; it only encouraged him to deepen the kiss. Her hips shifted of their own accord, trying to wriggle away the pooling coils of heat gathering in extremely intimate places. God, had it really been that long? Nah. Must’ve been some vertigo or something from being up on that water tower.

“I mean it,” Jackie reminded him breathlessly when they separated. Fez graced her with a broad smile and bent to nibble at her neck. Tiny shards of pleasure pierced the base of Jackie’s spine, and it took all the nerve she had to keep her body from noticeably trembling.

“So do I.” With that, he planted a laughably platonic kiss on the end of her nose and heaved himself out of the vehicle. Jackie sighed, her body cooling the second his left her proximity, and tried to reassemble her fractured sense of reason.

This is only your first official day as a couple, Jackie Beulah, she berated herself silently as Fez came around to open the door for her. And this is not just about sex, not this time. Get your shit together.

“Right,” she whispered, and gave a start upon realizing he’d heard her.

“What?” he asked, still sporting that cocky, I-know-you’re-melting grin. Jackie beamed at him and gave his shoulder a brisk pat. “Nothing! Nothing. Let’s just go inside.”


She strode off for the front door, not allowing him to catch up for fear of being manhandled right there on the Forman’s lawn - possibly with the Formans inside watching the whole thing. Jackie stabbed at the doorbell and waited...waited. Somewhere inside the house Kitty’s laugh rang out, and Jackie closed her eyes. Come on. Please.

Fez came up from behind her then and tilted her head back to plant a mercifully chaste peck on her lips. Jackie beamed up at him. Now this change, this was decidedly more positive. Imagine, having a boyfriend who didn’t add to her issues for once. What a concept.

His arm laid itself across her shoulders, nudging her close. Jackie wholeheartedly accepted his embrace and sighed with relief, hearing someone’s footsteps at last approaching the door.

“You seem nervous.”

Jackie looked at him, startled. “What? No! Why?”

Fez gave a shrug that passed for playful. “Just...well, you know.” He nodded towards the black El Camino lurking at them from its roost next to the Vista Cruiser. Jackie swallowed. So far she’d been able to ignore the Camino’s owner, along with most of the hurt feelings that cropped up whenever she looked at either one. But now with Michael here to unwittingly egg Steven on...she knew Fez had a point.

“I-I’m fine,” Jackie stuttered, rising on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. “I just need you to hold my hand, that’s all. Just in case.” All of a sudden she was painfully aware of his closeness again, especially the fact that his hips, those sculpted disco-dancing hips, were perfectly aligned with hers. A little too perfectly. Jackie blinked and caught her breath. God. That can’t possibly all be his wallet.

“I would be honored to.” Another kiss on the hand; Jackie shot him a suspicious glance.


“You’re being too much of a gentleman.” Her eyes narrowed. “What are you plotting?”

“Okay, now you’re just being paranoid. No more film for you.”

Damn him. That grin just oozed sex and he knew it melted away every ounce of her bitchy reserve. The grin widened. “Will you relax? I promise, nothing fancy in public.”

“You promise?”

“Jackie, I just told you I did.”

“Uh-huh.” Her facial muscles relaxed only slightly. “I’m holding you to that, foreign boy. No...fanciness...until we get home.”

“Aha. So that’s when you’ll let me get to second base!”

“Mmmm, play your cards right and I’ll let you get wherever you want.” Jackie reached to stroke the side of his face and rose up on tiptoes to kiss him again - hey, no such thing as too much practice. Fez, bless him, immediately took the hint and embraced her with full-on passion. God, she loved that about him; he adapted so quickly to her wildly shifting wavelengths and never judged a one. Their tongues danced, dueled. Jackie’s knees begged to collapse out from under her.

“...don’t care how you do it, Red Forman, you just get more champagne in this house or - “

The door suddenly swung open, bathing the couple in harsh electric light. Kitty Forman stopped dead in the midst of her tirade and stared for a moment before letting out a little startled laugh.

“Well! Aren’t - aren’t you two just a couple of overzealous lovebirds!”

Back came the flames of embarrassment. Jackie stuttered, looking from Fez to Kitty and back to Fez again. Realizing his palm had reached her breast, she hastily pushed it away and straightened up. “Hi, Mrs. Forman! Um, happy new year!”

“Yeah, looks like.” That, of course, was good old Steven shoving his two cents in. She glared at him with trademark resentment, but he’d already gone back to rooting around in the cooler for fresh cans of Budweiser. Typical. Jackie inhaled sharply and grabbed Fez’s hand to lead him inside. He squeezed hers in a gesture of support, and her next breath came just a tiny bit easier.

“Just ignore it,” he whispered to her as they entered. She nodded at him gratefully and left his side to change into her dress in the upstairs bathroom. “I’ll be right back, babe,” Jackie told him, and was answered with a taut slap on her backside. She squealed and whirled on him, biting back her pleased smile. “Fez! Come on, you promised.”

Fez shot her a wink, and Jackie sighed, turning to climb the rest of the stairs. This, she said to herself, is going to be a very long night.


“So I’m guessing you’ve gotten past that ‘first official kiss’ by now.” Donna leaned over in Red’s chair to retrieve a beer, her third of the night, and cracked the can open. She took a swig. “Y’know. Judging by the way you were mauling each other on the front step there.”

Jackie rolled her eyes. “Stuff it, moose.”

“Oh, and can’t forget that ass-slap on the stairs. That looked like fun.”

“Please, you should talk. You were laid up with Eric in the Vista Cruiser for like, hours!”

“Jackie, for Christ’s sake, I hadn’t seen him in a year! I hadn’t even kissed him in forever; I missed him, okay?”

“Oh, no. Don’t tell me you and he...”

“In the Cruiser and in my stark, empty shell of a bedroom, yes. Bob wasn’t home and so we took advantage.” Glowing, Donna knocked back another sip and sighed. “Sweet, sweet advantage.”

Jackie helped herself to another glass of champagne and settled back into the couch cushions. “Way, way too much information, Pinciotti.”

“At least we didn’t do it in front of a living room full of people.”

“Hey, yeah! And this time the cops didn’t even show up. I’m so proud of you.”

“Yeah, well, you li-ike Fe-ez...” Donna sang under her breath.

“Very good. But now that I’m actually with him, Donna, that doesn’t work anymore.”

“Fez and Jackie, sittin’ in a tree...”

Jackie launched a throw pillow in the bottle-blonde’s direction, hitting her in the face. Donna squawked and stood up to throw it back just as all four boys came tumbling through the kitchen door. Donna froze and plunked back down; Jackie snickered.

“All right, girl fight!” Michael crowed, throwing his fists in the air. “Finally some bitchin’ New Year’s entertainment!”

“Hell yeah.” Steven climbed over the back of the couch and hovered over Jackie. “I volunteer my services as referee.” Animosity gleamed in his eyes. “Let’s get it on, whad’ya say, Jacks?”

Jackie glowered at him. “I say ‘fuck off and die’ would pretty much cover it, Steven.”

Michael burst out laughing. “Ooh-hoo-hoo, burn!

Stifling an irritated sigh, Fez came around the couch and sat on one side of Jackie. Donna sat on the other. Wisely, Steven decided to back off and returned to trading crackpot conspiracy theories with Eric and to a much lesser degree, Michael. The dust settled, and quiet, almost amiable chatter helped to keep the temporary illusion of peace.

One hour and another glass of champagne later, though, all Jackie wanted was to curl up in the fetal position and cry. For one, she’d forgotten how much she hated New Year’s Eve. It was just a pointless celebration of change to her, and change to Jackie was not something to party over. Usually she’d manage to shove these old hurts aside and live it up with the best of them, but tonight, between those constant “garden gnome” comments from Steven and the tactless belly laughs they prompted from Michael, her tenuous patience had strained to the point of snapping in half.

Jackie took a nice long swig from her glass and tried to concentrate on Fez, who had been discreetly massaging her upper thigh in hopes of soothing her. She exhaled hard and nestled her head in the crook of his shoulder. She could almost feel Steven’s eyes boring holes through her skin.

“Hey, Kelso. Tell me again about the Mustang, the Ferrari, and the Donkey Cart.”

Jackie’s stomach twinged at that oozing, pointed sarcasm. That, and Michael’s painfully familiar squawk. “C’mon, Hyde.” His voice was slurred from excess Bud, either liquid or flora variety. “You don’t really wanna hear that old story again, do you?”

Steven gave a snort. “Sure I do.” He stabbed a thumb at the trio on the couch. “They all missed it, so you gotta tell it again, man.”

To his credit, Eric cast Jackie and Fez a doubtful glance. “Yeah, I don’t know, Hyde. I don’t think that’s the greatest idea in the world.”

“Aw, Forman, be a sport. There’s a bunch of brightly colored Mexican blankets in it for you if you guess the punch line,” said Steven. Both he and Michael dissolved into snickers Jackie recognized as the kind cheerleaders employed to make scapegoats of their victims. Her temple throbbed; Fez tightened his grip on her thigh. Had to be cool. Had to keep Zen about this.

Oh, Zen, my fine ass! I’ll give you Zen, Steven, in the form of this stiletto heel jammed up your tailpipe sideways. And I’ll give it a nice hard twist just for that slut of a “wife” you tried rubbing in my face, you jealous burnout man-whore. You can’t just make up words, Hyde.

From the bar, Mr. Forman checked his watch and cleared his throat as a warning. In two strides he’d simultaneously restocked the cooler and switched on the television with his free hand. The tinny replicated sound of crowds screaming in Times Square and Dick Clark’s less-than-enthusiastic commentary filtered into the living room while the snickers of both her ex-boyfriends continued unabated.

“Come,” Fez said to her quietly. “Let’s go sit by the stairs, yes?”

“Yes,” Jackie replied, exchanging glances with Donna. “Good idea.”

Don’t worry, Donna mouthed to Jackie as Fez led her away. I’ll take care of the dillholes.

Jackie stifled a laugh and closed her eyes. Donna was a moose, all right, but a sweet moose who came in handy at times. No sooner did she turn her back on the scene than a sharp slapping sound was heard, followed by Michael’s insulted guffaw.

“Damn, Donna! What did I do?”

Another slap, and this time Steven guffawed. Jackie giggled.

“Just quit being a douche and I’ll stop beating you. Deal?”

“How in the hell am I being a - “ Slap, slap. “Ow, Christ! Okay, okay...”

Jackie paused at the foot of the stairs; her new vice had already made it halfway up and stopped dead upon realizing his own vice wasn’t following.

“Jacqueline?” Fez came back down a step or two and bent to look her in the eyes. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing...why are you going upstairs? Weren’t we just going to sit down?”

“I thought you’d want to get away.”

“Yeah, I do. I just...” Jackie’s gaze reverted to her two exes. “I just don’t want to have to hear about it later.”

Fez gave a long sigh and sat down near the top of the stairwell. “Come here,” he entreated, patting the empty space beside him. Jackie complied. He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head.

“Fez, I hate New Year’s Eve,” she professed. “I absolutely loathe it.”

He’d begun stroking her hair. “Because of them?”

“No...oh, I don’t know.” Jackie’s breath came out shuddery. “Because of everything, I guess, that I’ve lost. Daddy. Martina. My mom. My old house.”

“Your sense of security.”

Okay, why did he always seem to acquire that weird, intuitive maturity at the worst possible moment? It was eerie, and annoying. Her lips pursed; she opted for another sip of bubbly. “My mom used to totally pride herself on her holiday parties. Every New Years’ Eve my dad would hole up in his study with a bunch of his business associates so Mom could lounge around with all her little socialite friends. I used to hide behind the piano after I’d been sent to bed so I could listen to all their glamourous tales of traveling the world and maxing out their husbands’ credit cards. ‘Course, that was when I didn’t have to clean them all up after they’d gotten passed-out drunk.” Jackie bit her lower lip, wrestling back frustrated tears. Why was she telling him all of this? Note to self: champagne and vertigo do not mix well with bad memories and forbidden love.

“Anyway, this kind of stuff - “ she motioned at the festivities in the living room - “just makes it
weirder. Especially with the end of the decade and all.”

“Yeah, I know.” Fez gathered her into his arms. “And I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Jackie lied. “I’ll get over it.”

“Oh please, you’ll get through it,” Fez corrected gently. “You’ve got family right here - you know even Hyde and Kelso, in their own dillhole ways, wouldn’t let anything happen to you. As for me...” Jackie let him tilt her face up to his for another slow kiss. Her head swam. “Look, I was dumb enough to lose you once. I’m not going to lose you again.”

“You’re so sweet to me,” Jackie sighed. Her chest felt as though someone were sitting on it. She turned away from him to watch through the railing’s bars as Michael and Steven fell back into their old beat-the-village-idiot routine, while Eric and Donna mocked them both. “But Fez, Michael and Steven - they - they just think I’m easy now. That I’ve used them both and bounced from bed to bed. But I didn’t do that, I just - I didn’t mean to, I got distracted. My life swallowed me up. I - I got confused!”


“I mean, it’s not like I don’t know how stupid I’ve been, okay? I know I’ve been a rich bitch, a snob, a slut, whatever.” She made a sound between a groan and a sob. “And I’ve treated you like shit in the process.”


Jackie closed her eyes and exhaled, cradling the half-empty wine glass between her breasts. “Fez, it’s not true, I’m not what they think,” she repeated, hastily smearing away the tracks of her tears. “I’m so sorry I’ve been such a cruel bitch, and I swear to God you’re not my rebound, you’re not my last resort, you’re - ”

“Jackie.” Fez cupped her chin in his palm. “You really think I don’t know that? Look, we’ve been through this, my pet, a hundred times. You might as well stop worrying about what they think - it’s all just the same old jealous bullshit.” She allowed him to pull her into his arms again. “Believe me when I tell you that you’re no one’s easy lay.”

A faint smile brightened Jackie’s features and then vanished again. “Fez, if we went upstairs now, it’d only prove Steven and Michael right; that all I want is sex. That I’m just like my mother. That I am nothing but a shallow, whiny, stupid whore.”

“Oh, Jacqueline, please don’t say that.” Fez looked pained. He took her hand. “If we went upstairs right now, it would only mean that this was meant to happen. To rewrite history.”

With an air of sadness he bent to kiss her neck, biting gently at her sensitive spots. Jackie sighed, half from bliss and half from relief. “Maybe...ooh, that’s nice...maybe you’re right.” She held her arm outstretched at an angle to prevent spilling her drink. “I mean, really, how long did it take for you to get through to me? How long did it take my blind ass to see things clearly?”

“Forever,” Fez quipped. Jackie glanced over to see him smiling at her softly. “But you’re beating yourself up for things that couldn’t be helped. These things, you know...they do happen for a reason.” His eyebrow raised; Jackie found herself trembling at the new frequency in his voice, a low, insinuating tone that set her off like a human tuning fork. Fez leaned in to kiss her again and paused, hovering close enough to share her breath.

“And that is?” The words came out as a bare whisper; she could feel the laugh that resulted.

“That you, my love, are more than worth the wait,” he said, and brushed his lips just so against hers, tickling her lips with wet, feather-light kisses. Jackie gave a little moan and grabbed the back of his head without warning, practically slamming his lips down on hers. His body rose up to meet her, driving their embrace into dangerously passionate territory right there on the stairs.

“I love you, Jackie,” he whispered to her between pauses for air. “More than anything.”

“More than candy?” she whispered back.

“You are my candy.” He murmured against her neck, making her shiver. “Maybe we should be upstairs after all?”

Jackie closed her eyes. Both his hands had slipped beneath her skirt, caressing her bare thighs with lazy movements. She writhed underneath him; true to cliche, the sudden motion sent what was left of the champagne spilling over the front of her dress. “Oh! Oh, no, Fez, wait, my dress!” She made an attempt to blot the liquid away with her hand. “Damn!”

“Yeah, damn.” His hand leisurely joined hers in the attempt. By the time her plunging neckline was reached, she was shaking inside. He’d cupped her breast and was now rubbing the pad of his thumb over its stiffening tip. “Pity. Now it has to come off.” Shamelessly the heat of his mouth replaced his hand, tasting what had absorbed into the fabric. Sensations akin to electric shocks tore up through her nerve endings; Jackie could do nothing but clutch at his shoulders.

“Fez.” She cringed at how weak her voice sounded. “Fez, what are you doing.”

Dark, warm eyes glittered up at her from between her swells. “You wanted romance, spontaneity, no?” So saying, he exposed her other nipple to the air and dared to lick around it, nipping at it, teasing her. “Well, now you have both.”

Oh, no. Oh, God, here she was, splayed on the top of the stairs where any passing Forman or guest could catch a glimpse of this. Jackie grabbed her lover and pulled him back up to eye level, kissing him with savage lust. Her legs parted of their own accord to let his body weight pin her down; Fez pushed his hips against hers in sensuous, promising motions. Oh, my, no, that hadn’t been his wallet at all. Jackie moaned into his mouth at the feel of that erection rubbing slowly against her now-throbbing core.

“Shhh,” Fez warned her, letting his hand slip between her legs. “They’ll hear you, my love.”
Knowing fingertips just barely pressed on her clit, rubbing her in little circles, driving her hips up to meet him. “Mmmm, you like that?”

Jackie purred an affirmation, biting down on her lip hard enough to draw blood. His pace slowed, then quickened in time to the rhythms of her body; she swallowed a gasp at each surge of tingling, throbbing wet warmth. Fez smiled down at her.

“This excites you, doesn’t it, Jackie?” His whisper sounded strained. “I wonder what they’d do if they found us here, with your skirt around your waist...” Fez nudged the garment up and out from under her. “Maybe with me between your gorgeous thighs, drinking...the sweetest kind of wine. That is, if you’d let me.”

Shuddering heat spread through her melting clit right up into the depths of her core. God, she was so close already, just from that aphrodisiac of a voice, and the memory of one blissful, tongue-rolling kiss in a darkened movie theater had her craving to know how that kiss would feel below the belt.

“We need,” Jackie panted, “a bed for that.”

“Are you sure?” Another hard kiss, disengaged by Fez sucking gently on her bottom lip. “I don’t want to force you to go upstairs...we could just stay here instead.” She watched as he wet two fingers and slipped them down inside her panties. “Imagine if Michael and Steven caught us.”

Jackie quivered as he stroked her, smothering her moan in the crook of his neck; what was he doing, was he insane? But oh, how many times had she begged Michael to tease her, talk to her a little just so she could get off? And Steven, forget it; it was like fucking a rock. This...this was fantasy coming to life, and fast.

“They’d have to watch, Jackie,” Fez whispered. “They’d have to watch me make you come, hard, like neither of them ever could.” Her back arched; thrilling spasms of heat shot up through her loins as he massaged her steadily, intent on keeping his word. “On my tongue...maybe know.”

“Please.” She wasn’t sure if she meant for him to stop or to urge him on, but either way the spasms were deliciously increasing. Jackie’s nails bit into his shoulders as her womb and her clit throbbed along to the rhythm of her blood. “Oh...oh, Fez, I think I’m...I’m going to...”

“That’s it, do it for me, baby...”

“...and if you morons don’t cut the crap, I’m gonna throw you out on your ear. But not before I plant my foot up both of your asses!”

Red’s voice at the foot of the stairs stopped her cold mid-climax and paralyzed them both. Jackie’s heart thudded away in her chest; if Eric’s dad was the one that got to see this, guaranteed neither of them would live to see 1980.

“We need a bed,” she repeated in a whisper, meeting his eyes. Fez glanced down at the living room, licked his lips, and nodded. Jackie grabbed his slick hand and tried to stand upright on legs that had seemingly turned to water. Fez steadied her with his body weight and let her guide him up the stairs.

“Where?” He asked, nibbling at her earlobe.

“Anywhere,” Jackie begged. “Just do me already!”

Fez’s laugh was exquisitely mocking. “So eager, aren’t we, my pet?” His hands took their time exploring her soft, hypersensitive contours, slowly moving up from her hips to cup her breasts. “What’s your hurry?” Another laugh as he seized her roughly. “Don’t tell me you want to fuck right here against the wall.”

Jackie moaned, thrilled at his sudden ferocity. Her sex was liquid fire. “Anywhere,” she repeated, reaching behind her to stroke his erection. A sharp hissing intake of breath rewarded her as she worked him through his jeans. Both of them leaned for the nearest wall for support; she helped him hike her skirt around her waist. His fingertips hooked themselves under her panties and dragged them down just past her hips; she felt her legs being parted at an angle. Jackie’s gaze traveled anxiously back and forth across the hallway. Which room was safest - Eric’s? The idea made her recoil out of instinct. The Formans’ bedroom made her equally ill. So where? The shower? Oh, too messy, too complicated right now. Later. If she survived this.

“Laurie’s old room?” Fez suggested in a whisper. Jackie considered this, or she tried to - it was so hard to think straight when he was touching her like that, God.

“I...oh! Oh, Fez, come on...” He’d begun stroking at her dripping entrance, pushing into her ever so slightly. He wouldn’t. He would not finger her here in the hallway with her face to the wall.

“So am I playing your cards right, Jackie?” The digit delved in a bit farther; Jackie bucked her hips back against him and inadvertently impaled herself on it, gasping at the invasion. She felt his laugh on the back of her neck. “I suppose that’s a yes.” Slowly he probed inside her tight channel, searching, trying for the spot that would have her screaming. Jackie fought for air.

“Baby, no, please,” she breathed, trying to push him away. “Laurie’s room. Now.”

She tensed, expecting a second finger to invade her, and sucked in a startled breath when he stopped. Together they lurched across the hall for the first door within reach, practically falling through when Fez pushed it open. Jackie shut it behind them and was immediately thrust up against the wood. She threw her arms around his shoulders and kissed him, hard, starving for consummation. Fez pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders, leaving her nude from the waist up; the fabric dangled low around her hips. She moaned, arching her bare breasts up to his ravenous mouth. One leg crept up to wrap around his back as he suckled her, grazing her taut nipples with gentle teeth. Her hips rocked against him.

“We’d better have a good explanation for this,” she panted. “They’re gonna be mad.”

“Do you really care?” He laughed, kissing the smooth valley between her cleavage. Jackie reached for his shirt and tore it open with determined force, sending most of the buttons ricocheting in all directions. “Fuck, no,” she responded, and claimed his mouth with hers while her hands greedily roamed the expanse of his bared flesh. His skin felt hot to her touch, feverish. Even in the darkness she knew he was smiling.

“That’s the second shirt you’ve ruined on me, you know.”

“Mmmm. Pity. Now it has to come off,” came Jackie’s silken retort. He gave a warm growl, coming back up for air and caressing both breasts at once. The shirt fluttered to the floor. She felt him kneel before her and closed her eyes; invisible butterfly wings beat furiously inside her lower abdomen.

“Jacqueline...” Fez murmured, asking permission with a light kiss below her navel. Chills shot up through the core of Jackie’s body and paralyzed her with lust. She remained utterly still, allowing Fez to ease her soaked panties down her legs and help her step out of them. One shoe dropped to the floor, then the other; appreciative caresses tickled the petite arch of her foot. Jackie giggled and threw her head back with a contented sigh. Wet warmth enclosed the tip of her big toe, sucking it in completely before moving on to the next. Her mouth went dry. Fez slid one leg up over his shoulder and braced Jackie securely against the door, leaving her defenseless and very exposed to his will.

“Please,” he purred. Wet, teasing kisses flickered their way slowly, insanely slowly, down towards where she burned for him. “Please, Jackie, let me.”

Her heart palpitated. Fez cupped her sex again, barely making contact, and rubbed at her clitoris gently with his middle finger. She convulsed with a shuddering gasp, overwhelmed by the sudden throbbing rush inside her. “Oh God, Fez...I thought we needed a - oh! right there!...a bed...or...ohhhh...something...”

“Apparently not.”

Jackie could only manage a pleading whimper and a roll of the hips. She heard him laugh low in his throat and forgot how to breathe, yet somehow still thought to roll her skirt up around her waist for easier access. The faster he stroked her, the faster those tingling spasms rocked her from the inside out. Her sighing mewls of pleasure became uncontrollable squeals. Jackie clenched her teeth against the onslaught of hot sensation and growled her lover’s name, demanding release.

“That’s right,” Fez crooned, working her mercilessly. “That’s a good girl. Just wait until I get you home, Jackie...I’m going to have you screaming for it.”

Jesus. “Fez. Fez, please. I can’t take it...”

Another low laugh. She felt her lips being parted by apparently expert fingers and knew what was coming, but still the shock of being tasted made her go rigid. His tongue flickered and swirled, savoring her taste, driving her wild with need. Vibrations of knowing laughter rippled up into her trembling womb as her little wet bundle of flesh was sucked into his mouth like a sweet. Jackie squirmed in his steady grip; her throat actually hurt from repressing a shriek. The sensations throbbing inside her alternated to his primal rhythm: fast lick, slow suck, lick, lick, very slow suck. She heard herself begging, crying his name repeatedly in an eerie mantra, and wondered on a very distant level if this was why poor Caroline had gone so psychotic for him.

There wasn’t time to wonder for long; one hard, slow, calculated lick at her thrumming clit made her erupt with an ecstatic white-hot spasm, devouring up through her sex and driving out of Jackie a tormented cry. The spasm rocked her again, and again, until she saw blue lights swimming lazily in the darkness. Her moans quieted as she slid towards the floor. Fez caught her in both arms and kissed her deeply, slowly, letting her taste the intimate musk and honey on his tongue. Jackie uttered a weak moan and clung to his shoulders, trembling.

“Have I ever told you how much I love when you roll your r’s?” she finally rasped.

“, I don’t believe you have.”

She sighed, nestling her face against his chest. “Well, I do. And you - you’re amazing.”

“Oh, stop it, I’m blushing.”

He kissed her again, obliging in a few light rolls of his tongue; Jackie gave a purring moan and licked the taste of herself from her lips. Her eyes darted back and forth, attempting to focus in the black room. “Baby, there is still a bed in here, right?”

Dark, arousing laughter as Fez hoisted her up into his arms. “Of course there’s a bed. What’s with you and beds?”

“You’re carrying me to one. Do the math, foreign stud.”

With exquisite care he laid her tiny body on the mattress. Still shaking, Jackie stripped herself of what remained of the wine-stained dress and waited, impatiently, for her foreign stud to shed the rest of his clothing She heard his belt buckle hit the floor and shivered, wishing the lights were on so she could see him, all of him, and return the favor. The very thought prompted a delightful shudder. Jackie sensed his nearness and couldn’t help reaching out to touch him, to travel the defined contours of turgid muscle. She let her palms slide across his chest, down and around to cup his ass, delighting in his nervous shiver when she raked her nails across his skin. I have to make it up to him. All of it. Oh, yes. Jackie rose up and draped her arms over those broad shoulders, teasing him with a deep, searching kiss.

“Fez,” she whispered against his mouth, “come to me.”

Fez inhaled sharply and complied. Her fingers slid around his hot shaft and stroked tentatively, lightly. She felt him respond with a jerk of the hips and smiled. So easy. Jackie curled around and crept to the edge of the mattress on all fours. Her neck twinged uncomfortably from this angle, but oh, it’d be worth it. Bending just so, she took a moment to let her mouth water in anticipation - and let him hang in the balance for once.

He was trembling, damp with a tense sheen of sweat. “Jackie...”

“Yes?” She ran the tip of her tongue across the glans, her clit responding eagerly to the taste of his wet salt. His body tensed; she heard him gasping for breath. Jackie lowered her head and tasted him again, taking just the tip between her moistened lips. A high-pitched, almost canine sound resulted, followed by a startled squeak when she applied a hint of suction. What do you know. I do like a squeaker. Jackie sighed happily and swirled her tongue as she took him in deeper; her hand drifted down to her swollen center, urging herself on with light, sure strokes.

“Ay...ay, my God, Jack - Jackie, please.” He sounded desperate; she loved it. I bet you’ve been fantasizing about this all this time, haven’t you, baby? That makes two of us. She took a deep breath, hollowed her cheeks, and sucked him in until she felt him at the back of her throat. His groan was rough, guttural. Animal. She repeated the action once, twice; his fingers tangled themselves in her curls with a caress. Unconsciously she stroked herself faster, moaning around him at each building tremor. The rhythm of her mouth fought to keep up, as did the aborted thrusts of his hips. Jackie gasped and bucked at a particularly sharp tingling pull inside her.

“Jackie?” Fez sounded amused, and way beyond the huskiness of need. “You’re not...oh, good God, you are, you kinky little...”

Jackie squealed as his hand joined hers. Her hips jerked up spasmodically, and the luscious fiery tingles surged so hard they made her dizzy. “Easy, baby,” Fez managed to croon. “Easy. Take it slow. Take your time.”

Impatient now, she moaned again and spread herself wider, raising her ass in the air. Her mouth resumed its rhythm of sweet torture, sucking him slowly, teasing him to the point of eruption and then shifting pace. His hand was pressing her strokes firmly to her demanding little clit, manipulating her movements, keeping her on edge. Jackie smiled to herself; two could play that game. She bent lower to tease the swelling velvet pouches underneath, licking, making him wet enough to gently suck into her mouth. Fez’s breath exploded in a hoarse, shuddering cry, and then another. Jackie sucked him again and felt him shaking uncontrollably.


She taunted him with a predatory laugh as her mouth again returned to his shaft. Another telling spurt of salt; Jackie paused, sucking it away with a practiced whirl of the tongue, and took him down her throat again. Oh, she’d let him come, all right, when she was good and ready to milk him dry. But the fingers rubbing her clit had other ideas, sliding down inside her in one deft maneuver and gently fucking her to the rhythm of her mouth. Her whole body instantly contracted with pleasure; throbbing and breathless, Jackie moaned around his length..

“You need to move over for me,” the aphrodisiac voice commanded, albeit a little unsteadily. His fingers grazed her g-spot; her eyes flew open. “Now.”

Without a sound she let him slip from her mouth. Jackie backed away, practically writhing with anticipation as Fez sank beside her on the bed.

“Lie back.”

She obeyed him, settling back into the lone pillow. Delicately, Fez parted her legs and bent down for another taste of her; Jackie reared up with a cry of protest.

“Relax.” Laughter. “I just needed one more taste.” His fingers again filled her throbbing void, resuming the fucking rhythm and making her melt with relief. One stroke, then two more, and then a deep, searching press up inside her clenching walls; Jackie cried out.

“Is that it? Right there?”

He pressed up again, gently. Jackie nearly leapt off the bed. “Oh God...that’s it, yes! Yes!” His fingers moved faster, in a circular motion, coaxing her urge to urinate into a searing throb that seemed to vibrate her very womb. Her hips rose and fell, rose and fell as the fiery inner ache intensified unbearably. Gasping, Jackie snatched the pillow out from under her as she felt herself begin to burst. “Fez,” she moaned, writhing. “Fez, I need you now.”

He rubbed her faster, harder. “What do you need?”

“,” she managed. Flowing, keening, she bit down on the cushion and tried to brace herself. Vaguely she was aware of Fez’s weight shifting beside her.

What do you need?” His tongue joined his fingers for exquisite emphasis; Jackie convulsed, crying for him, drenched in sweat as he licked and fucked her simultaneously. The pillow fell away.

“I-I need you to fuck me.”

“Say it again.”

Fuck me.

Jackie gulped air into her lungs. His tongue at last deserted her; faintly there was the sound of a wrapper crinkling. She felt the shifting of weight once more as Fez knelt before her. The hard, silken heat of his cock rested against her inner thigh; Jackie spread herself for him willingly, shamelessly. Again she dipped between her legs while the other hand reached to help sheath him in the thin latex. His breath stalled in his throat as she caressed his full length.

“Now. Please!”

With that Fez embraced her, pinning her to the bed and claiming her mouth like it was his to own. That was just fine with Jackie; at this point, her entire body was completely in his possession. Her hand deserted her clit to guide his shaft inside her; his hand immediately invited itself to fill the aching void left behind. Jackie arched underneath him as the two overwhelming sensations collided within her. Hot tremors clenched her walls around Fez’s shaft, eliciting a startled gasp.

“My God, Jackie.”

He lifted her hips to meet his; with one determined thrust his cock penetrated her to the swollen core, driving out another cry. “Are you all right?” Fez breathed, slowly drawing himself out and back in again. Jackie let out a whimper of assent.

“I need it faster.”

“I know.”

Another slow thrust coincided with a tantalizing rub of the clit. Jackie almost screamed. “Don’t tease,” she begged when he thrust again. “Please. Christ, just fuck my brains out, Fez, please!”

He shifted her hips once more and, thank God, gradually increased the speed of his movements. Jackie squirmed, trying alternately to match his pace and to bite back her frustrated cries; in this position he was, indeed, hitting that spot just right, but not hard enough. Not nearly hard enough.

Sweat beaded on her upper lip. “Mmmm, God,” she moaned when he finally slammed into her. “Do that again.”

He did. Jackie reared up with a squeal. “Yes! Again!”

Somewhere in the house she could hear people counting down. What time was it?...What did it matter? Her inner walls throbbed hard around him, burning her up from the inside out. His name was on her lips and her awareness, her clitoris and core, were shattering. Her legs clinched around his waist; Fez moaned her name, his rhythm quickening as he thrust deeper into her.


“Remember - ” he whispered, and Jackie’s eyes opened.



“History...” she finished for him, her body tensing, clenching around his shaft as he groaned into her neck. The tremors built, built...and both of them exploded in unison. Scorching white heat shook the base of her womb with pleasure and continued throbbing as he filled her at last with a hoarse, unrestrained shout. She embraced him, kissing him, letting him breathe. Fez kissed her back and held her there, listening to the silence until he’d finally softened enough to withdraw from her still-clenching sex. After awhile the heat began to ebb away.

Moments passed and their eyes adjusted to the frigid moonlight filtering through the window. They lay entwined, clutching each other and listening to the sounds of carousing coming from downstairs. A silent breath tickled Jackie’s breasts as Fez hoisted himself up off of her.

“Where are you going?”

His kiss tried to be reassuring. “I’ll be right back.” He gestured downward; Jackie caught his drift and reluctantly let him sneak across the hall, stark naked, to dispose of the prophylactic. She heard the faucet running. When he returned at last, she dragged him back down onto the bed, wrapping her limbs around his warmth, his safety, the cohesive feel of his love. Fez breathed a laugh into her mouth as she all but mauled him, relentless with need. He clasped her hands together and held her aside while he rolled beside her, pulling her gently down on top of him. Jackie shuddered with relief.

“Don’t let me go.”

“I’m not.”

“I mean it.”

Fez tilted her head up and lightly kissed her mouth. “Yeah, well, so do I.” He grinned; so did Jackie. She sighed and nestled against him, purposely forcing all her dark paranoias from the forefront of her mind. He meant it.

“Happy New Year, by the way,” Fez murmured to the top of her head. Jackie draped her arm over his torso and kissed his chest. “Yeah. Happy New Year,” she echoed, letting herself smile. Already her hand had sought his cock again, stroking him slowly until he stiffened from her touch.

“You don’t happen to have any...more of those on you, do you, baby?”


In the midst of all the shouting and the cork-popping, champagne-spilling, Red Forman-irritating celebration, something was missing. Rather, someone - two someones. Donna broke away from Eric’s delightfully smothering kiss and glanced at the stairs. Shit.

“What?” he asked, following her eyes.

“They’re gone,” she whispered, gesturing. Eric’s eyes bugged a little.

“Oh, crap.”

“Yeah, crap.”

“How long have they been - “

“How the hell should I know?”

“Are we the only - “

“I think so.”

Eric bit down on his lip. “Okay, let’s just...go over there and sit, make it look like nothing’s wrong. Maybe no one will notice. God, I hope they’re not in my room.”

“Red?” As if on cue, Kitty Forman looked up from her champagne glass. “Have you seen Fez or Jackie?”

Her husband scowled at the empty stairs. “No. And I’m not seeing them now, either.” Red stalked out from behind his bar, brandishing his empty beer can like a weapon. “Goddamn it, that foreign sonofabitch better not be screwing that loud girl in my marriage bed, or I swear on all the Koreans I slaughtered I’ll send him back where he floated in from with this can - “

“Straight up the keister, yes, Red, we know,” Kitty soothed, hurrying in front of him as he went for the stairwell. “Now, you just calm down, we - we don’t want to go jumping to conclusions.”

“Uh-oh, Point Place’s Sluttiest Slut strikes again!” Hyde clinked his beer can with Kelso’s. Kitty silenced them both with a scalding glare.

“And besides, if she’s so darned loud, then we’d already know what happened, now wouldn’t we?” She laughed, slapping Red’s thigh, and turned to nearly collide with two dark, breathless blurs of motion. One of the blurs yelped and paused. Jackie. The other blur made straight for the front door with a kiss on Jackie’s cheek and a jingle of car keys. Red shot out the door after him.


Trying to hide her tousled hair and unbuttoned dress, Jackie leapt for her coat and waved to the room, winking at Donna before slamming the door behind her. A vein throbbed behind Donna’s left eye.

“Maybe they’ve got the right idea,” laughed Eric. He took her hand pointedly. “C’mon. It’s been awhile since we’ve gone for a ‘drive’ ourselves.”

Donna’s protest died on her lips once Red came barging back into the house, swearing and stomping up the stairs with Kitty close at his heels. Hyde and Kelso settled onto the couch with fresh cans of beer and toasted to the new couple’s misfortune while Leo and Bob looked on with dumbfounded expressions. Donna groaned softly and shook her head.

“Okay. Fine. Just as long as you make sure to park far enough into the woods this time,” she said, grinning as she yanked a disoriented Eric out through the kitchen door.


end of part one.

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