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Crosby closeup
annie_oakley wrote in that70sfanfic
If this community is on your f-list, you'll probably be temporarily bombarded with entries as I re-post fics on the J/H fanfic list for the authors who are currently AWOL. I apologize ahead of time.

And Cari, or Luci or any of you know how to get ahold of Bucks? I can't find her LJ. =(

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I e-mailed Bucks months ago. I'm assuming your asking because of her fic 'Hotel California', right? She told me she lost interest in the show, and inevitably fiction as well. But, she did say if we wanted to post her fics, that was fine.

Awesome, thanks! I saved all of her stories, so I'll repost them later.

Did you happen to send me the other chapters of that one story? No rush if you didn't, but if you did, I haven't gotten them.

Thanks, love.

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