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Scorching Heat
carissima47 wrote in that70sfanfic
Title: Scorching Heat
Chapter: Chapters 1-4
Pairing: Jackie/Hyde
Genre: AU, Smic/Smut, Humor, Drama
Rating: PG at the moment
Summary: Another gem stemming from Jackie never getting with Kelso. Jackie's a bitch/slut, Hyde hates her with as much passion as he can muster in his zen state and fun and games stem from there =)

Chapter One

Strolling into the disco, Jackie let her eyes wander over the crowd that had already gathered on the dance floor. She rolled her eyes at some of the dancers, she used that term lightly, who clearly hadn’t ever moved their bodies in time to music before. She sighed. The usual crowd had attended, but she was growing tired of dancing, talking and making out with the same guys every week. She’d been coming to disco’s since she was fifteen, always able to flirt her way into the club, batting her heavily made eyelashes and pouting her glossy pink lips. Once inside, she focused her attention on the hottest guy she could find, regardless of whether he was already dancing or talking with a girl or not. That particular trait had reinforced her reputation for being a bitch, but then again, everything Jackie did was designed to create the illusion she desired.

Tonight, every face blurred into each other, and they in turn blurred into faces from the past. It didn’t matter which guy she picked, they were all the same. They spoke the same words, they kissed the same way and they left her the same way. An endless cycle had ensnared her and the life she had built ensured no escape. Anyway, she didn’t want to escape, not really. There was nothing else for her.

Sauntering towards the bar, Jackie schooled her features into the perfect come hither expression. Sure enough, the bartender ignored the thirty or so customers who’d been waiting impatiently and served the prettiest girl he’d seen tonight. Drink in hand, Jackie turned from the bar and scoured the nightclub, resigned to going through the motions of the cycle yet again. She caught plenty of eyes, with males virtually falling over themselves to get her attention. Jackie knew she looked good; she didn’t need to check her appearance or smooth down her dress like most other girls. She’d chosen a dark blue dress that came to a couple of inches above her knee that gathered into a scoop across her breasts. Her trim and petite figure was the envy of every girl she met, and Jackie was used to open hostility from other girls. She noticed them tightening their hold on their boyfriends and patting their hair, she wasn’t blind or stupid.

The crowd blurred once again. Jackie silently screamed out for originality and individuality. Her searching gaze found a rogue group in the club. Jackie peered into the dark corner that they’d gathered in, but she didn’t recognise them from across the room. Glancing around, she saw some girls she knew flirting with some guys. Jackie casually headed towards them, deliberately focusing on the girls and not paying any attention to the guys. She tapped one of the girls on the shoulder and positioned herself so none of the guys could really see her. It wasn’t that she was that egotistical, it was just that she knew from the past that guys didn’t seem able to resist her. The girl looked wary at first, but Jackie concentrated entirely on her and soon had the girl giggling and chatting merrily. Jackie snuck quick glances at the mystery people, still unable to make any of them out without straight out staring at them, and she wasn’t going to do that.

She knew she’d seen that shock of bright red hair before, but she couldn’t place it for some reason. Which was strange, because Jackie knew all the beautiful people at Point Place High, and the way the girl was dressed suggested beauty and popularity. Her next glance showed a tall skinny boy who didn’t ring any bells in Jackie’s mind. Then she saw a boy with dark hair and tight trousers and she quickly blinked and looked in a different direction. She didn’t ever need to see clothes that tightly bound to a guy. The next guy looked vaguely familiar. She’d probably elected him as hers some night long ago. Her eyes narrowed as they fell on the last member of the group. The curly hair, the slouch, and the aura of disdain … she knew exactly who they were. Steven Hyde, Fez, Eric, Donna and Michael Kelso. Jackie smirked, remembering the night she’d made Michael her bitch. He was cute, he was stupid, and he was simple. He’d followed her around all night, sure that he’d be the one she didn’t use for just one night. Until she’d left him standing alone on the dance floor and disappeared out of the club. She hadn’t spoken to or even thought about him since that night. The smirk widened as she silently laughed at her own foolishness. She’d actually thought for a second that Donna Pinciotti, who wore huge ugly lumberjack shirts and was as big as a giant was good enough to be one of the popular people. The smirk disappeared to be replaced with a dark look.

Steven Hyde was the most rude, mean and horrible boy she’d ever met. Ever since kindergarten, he’d pulled her pigtails, he’d jumped in the mud and made her pretty pink dress dirty, he’d laughed at her when she cried and he’d said horrible things to her. They’d grown older, and yet he was still always laughing at her and saying mean things. Some things never changed. She’d hated him back then and she hated him now. He was the only boy she’d ever met who’d never tried it on with her, flirted, complimented or tried to grope her. Who did he think he was?! Hyde was a dirty, poor, scruffy nobody who should worship and adore her, like every other guy did. He was nothing special, yet he seemed immune to her. Not that she cared, because she hated him, but it irked her that he always had a skanky girl on his arm yet he’d never fallen for her. He was clearly just stupid.

Jackie forced herself to scan the room, looking for someone to calm her down and take her mind of Steven Hyde. A guy dancing to her left caught her eye and smiled at her. Jackie grinned. Perfect. Just what she needed to distract her.

Chapter Two

Nothing could hold her attention. She’d enticed three guys with a mischievous smile and a teasing glance, yet she’d brushed them off when she’d found herself thinking about the history pop quiz she had next week, or about reorganising her wardrobe to co-ordinate with the different days of the week. The more frustrated she got with her lack of interest, the more frustrated she got with Steven Hyde. She could feel him smirking at her, laughing at her lack of success, even though he hadn’t paid her the slightest bit of attention. She’d sneaked a thousand glances in his direction, certain of his mocking stare, yet he seemed to be engrossed in conversation with a girl who didn’t look like she knew what shampoo or make-up was. Her hair was straggly and greasy, her eyes were covered in grungy gunk, and she was wearing a horrible black t-shirt that she’d probably worn every day for the last year.

As Jackie sipped her drink, sitting at the bar and gazing across the room, a wicked thought entered her consciousness. While she laughed at her unbidden reverie, the devil inside goaded her. Grinning at her own deviousness, Jackie smoothed down her dress and flicked her hair back. Spotting some wary girlfriends drawing their boyfriends’ closer, Jackie giggled. For once, they had nothing to worry about. Stealing their boyfriends’ had lost its appeal. There was no challenge, no effort required and no thrill for the chase. Hyde had so far proved immune to her charms, but she was sure that was due to her lack of effort. If she really put her mind to it, and tried to pretend he wasn’t a scruffy loser, then he’d become as lovesick and pathetic as every other guy her age in Point Place. She’d prove to herself and everyone else that Hyde’s cool exterior was a big illusion, and she’d have fun doing it.

Schooling her face into her perfected come-hither expression, Jackie slipped off the bar stool she’d been perching on and fixed her sights on the corner Hyde and his friends were still occupying. Squaring her shoulders and sashaying her hips, she confidently walked up to Donna and tapped her on the shoulder. It was the oldest trick in the book to strike up a conversation with a friend of her prey, and since Donna was the only girl she’d seen Hyde talk to and she was dating his best friend, she was the obvious choice. Slowly a large lump of pride, Jackie smiled at Donna’s wary expression as she realised who’d tapped her shoulder.

Surprisingly, Jackie noted that Donna didn’t make any of the usual defensive moves she’d come to expect from girls. Either she was naïve, or she had no doubt about Eric’s feelings for her. Since Eric had worshipped Donna for as long as Jackie could remember, and since Donna had clearly felt the same way about Eric, in a less obvious way, Jackie felt herself envying Donna Pinciotti.

Shrugging the feeling away, Jackie began her well-practised spiel.

“Hey Donna. You look really nice tonight. Have you done something different with your hair?” Jackie poured as much enthusiasm and sincerity as she could muster into her words.

Donna glanced at Eric, who looked as baffled as she felt, before turning to the small girl beside her.

“Thanks. I don’t normally use hot curlers on my hair, but I thought I’d make an effort.”

“You should use them more often, they really suit you,” Jackie smiled widely.

“I like your dress, it’s really pretty,” Donna was wracking her brains to try to figure out why Jackie, the bitchy, slutty head cheerleader, had struck up a conversation with her. She knew how Jackie felt about her, and her friends, and it made no sense.

“Thanks Donna!” Jackie smiled genuinely. She grabbed the excuse to twirl around, knowing that she looked good and knowing that Hyde was metres away. She felt his eyes on her, and she determinedly ignored him, knowing that striking up a friendship with Donna would help her in the long run with her plan.

She soon had Donna giggling at the story of her trip to the hair salon, where she’d ended up with an uneven style, which she successfully passed off as the latest trend at school. Jackie was surprised to find herself enjoying the conversation. Donna wasn’t like the typical airheads who she normally had to endure to get her man.

After winning over Donna, Eric was a pushover. A few flattering comments about him looking like he was working out, and some blatant lying about a movie called Star Whores or something were all it took to make friends with Eric. Avoiding Michael, she turned to Fez, who had been staring at her intently since she’d started talking to Donna. Offering a small smile, she tried to think of something to talk to him about, but he shocked her by grabbing her hand and whisking her off to the dance floor. Jackie was a natural dancer, and Fez was a great partner. He twirled her, spun her, flipped her and he dipped her, leaving her flushed and exhilarated. She clung to his arm as they walked back to the group after dancing three tracks, laughing at his appreciation of a good woman to dance with.

Jackie allowed herself a glance at Hyde to see what he was making of her infiltrating his space, but he hadn’t seemed to notice her arrival at all. She had watched him while she danced, and he hadn’t looked up once. The girl he’d been talking to was now attached to his arm, and yet he was talking to Michael, sparing the poor girl barely a glance. Jackie grinned, hoping that it was a tangible sign that she was getting to him.

“Jackie, that was amazing. How did you learn to dance like that?” Donna asked in wonder.

“I used to do ballet and tap, and cheerleading is pretty much dancing. I guess it just comes naturally to me,” Jackie said cheerfully.

“Eric, how come you don’t twirl me like Fez twirled Jackie?” Donna asked her boyfriend.

“Honey, I’m just trying not to trip one of us up when we dance,” Eric said seriously.

Donna rolled her eyes as Jackie giggled.

“Hey Jackie, long time no see,” Michael Kelso interrupted. “I knew it wouldn’t be long before you realised how much you want me.”

Jackie grinned. “I’m sorry, do I know you?”

Kelso spluttered as everyone laughed at him. Jackie caught a slight smirk on Hyde’s face, even though he was apparently talking to the clinging vine hanging around his waist.

“Kelso, you’ve been telling us for months that Jackie said you were the best lover she ever had,” Eric said slyly.

Jackie raised her eyebrows as she looked at Kelso, who had turned a dark shade of red and appeared to be suddenly fascinated with his drink.

“Is that so, Michael?” Jackie asked wickedly.

“Uh-huh,” Kelso muttered.

“I’m afraid I don’t remember us ever having sex, Michael. I guess that means you weren’t memorable at all,” Jackie said mischievously.

“Hey, Pam, wait up!” Kelso suddenly shouted at the blonde walking past them. “Sorry guys, I’ve gotta talk to Pam about something,” Kelso grinned before dragging Pam away to a darkened corner.

Donna started laughing. “Jackie, that was great! He’s been bragging about that non-stop for months.”

“Well, that should hopefully shut him up for a bit, until the next girl comes along,” Jackie rolled her eyes.

“I have a feeling he’ll be bragging about Pam Macy tomorrow,” Eric groaned.

Jackie grinned. “Well, I better be going. Beauty sleep, and all that. Maybe I’ll see you at school tomorrow?” she asked, a nuance of hope in her voice.

“Okay,” Donna answered warily, still unsure of what had provoked Jackie’s interest in them, but willing to give her a chance. She’d had fun talking to the younger girl, since she was always with the guys it made a nice change.

Jackie sashayed away, heading for the exit and hailing a taxi to drive her home. She congratulated herself on a successful first night, and she started planning her next move.

Hyde let his eyes wander to Jackie’s departing form, before turning to Donna.

“What was all that about?” he asked.

“I have no idea,” Donna shrugged.

“She wanted my body, I could tell,” Fez nodded.

“She seemed okay, not at all like she seems at school,” Eric frowned.

“If that wasn’t the best acting performance since,” Hyde paused, sneaking a glance at Eric before continuing, “Harrison Ford in Star Wars, I’ll let Donna paint my toenails.”

Eric glared as Donna laughed. “I don’t know, Hyde, she seemed pretty sincere,” she said.

“We’ll see,” Hyde muttered before turning back to the girl beside him, silently cursing as he tried to remember her name.

Chapter Three

Hyde watched silently as Jackie and Donna giggled over something stupid. Turning to Eric, he screwed up his face and asked his friend simply, “Why?”

“Hey, I’m as confused as you. It’s creepy. It’s like a car wreck, where you know you shouldn’t look because it’ll give you nightmares for a year, but you can’t help yourself,” Eric’s voice rose slightly in terror.

Hyde flicked his gaze between Eric, who was sitting next to him on the hood of the Camino and the two girls who were sitting across from them on a bench, trying to work out which was more disturbing. Spotting Kelso and Fez walking towards them carrying lunch, Hyde exhaled in a moment of relief.

“Hey, Eric, guess what we just heard?” Kelso grinned goofily.

Eric shrugged, distracted by his girlfriend’s giggling. “Dude, they’re really freaking me out!” he whispered loudly to Hyde.

“Some guy’s having a huge party whilst his parents are out of town!” Fez blurted, unable to contain his excitement. “This is my chance to finally do it with a girl!”

“Man, this was gonna be my chance with Donna, with Mom and Red visiting Laurie in Vegas. Now she’s gonna want to go to this party because her new best friend will be going, and yet again, I remain without the sex,” Eric sighed.

Hyde grinned at Kelso and Fez, who were trying not to laugh. “Forman, this party could be your chance to score with Donna. Since it’s at your house.”

Eric stared in horror at his friends. “How many people have you invited? My parents are gonna kill me!”

“Only a few close friends,” Kelso grinned, before turning to Fez and whispering loudly, “A few hundred close friends!” Kelso giggled.

“Kelso, I can hear you!” Eric shook his head.

“It’ll be okay, man. Your parents aren’t due back until Sunday, which gives us a whole day to clear the mess. Just sit back and let us do all the work,” Hyde smirked.

“Fine. But if I go down for this, I’m bringing you guys with me,” Eric warned.

Donna watched in horror as her boyfriend serenaded her from the roof of the garage. Cringing in embarrassment, she tried to convince him to come down, to no avail.

Turning towards the small group of people behind her, she pleaded with them to get her boyfriend down. Fez just grinned as he joined in with Eric’s singing. Kelso kept pointing and laughing at Eric before disappearing into the house with a girl. Hyde just smirked as Eric tumbled from the roof and fell in a laughing heap on the yard. As Donna rushed over to make sure he was okay, Hyde turned to go back inside to search for more beer.

He brushed past a girl on the porch, staring at Eric, who was still trying to serenade Donna whilst holding his possibly broken arm. Feeling a hand close around his arm, he looked down at her, frowning.

“Why didn’t you help Eric? Why did you laugh as he fell?” Jackie asked, confused.

Hyde shrugged her off and left her question hanging in the air.

Five beers later and he was watching Fez, dressed in one of Kitty’s church dresses, singing along to Abba. Tears streamed from his eyes as Fez tried to climb onto the couch and fell backwards onto the floor. Reaching blindly to his left to find his beer as he wiped the tears from his eyes, Hyde’s hand came into contact with a warm, solid body. Looking up, he found Jackie standing next to him, frowning as she watched three jocks pick up the unconscious Fez and carry him out towards the kitchen.

“Why didn’t you help Eric?” Jackie asked again, not bothering to look at him this time.

“This is the one hundred and eighty third time Eric’s fallen off the garage. He twisted his ankle the first time, but since then he’s developed some strange fall so that he lands without a scratch,” Hyde tried to stand up but the swaying room persuaded him to stay where he was.

“Oh,” Jackie replied, a wrinkle marring her brow. “Okay,” she said before walking away.

Hyde glanced at her departing back before lapsing back into laughing at Kelso, who’d just been slapped by a girl after trying to cop a feel. Rubbing his face, Kelso walked over to Hyde, who was sitting in Red’s cherished armchair.

“Were you just talking to Jackie?” Kelso asked, his words slurring slightly.

“Nah, man. All that drinking is making you see things,” Hyde replied, deadpan, before standing gingerly and wandering towards the kitchen to find Fez, Kelso weaving behind him.

Sighing, Jackie kicked off her heels and fell onto the couch, happy to be alone for a few minutes. She’d been trying to find the bathroom, but had found the basement instead. Since she’d only been looking for the bathroom to get five minutes peace, she’d quickly shut the door behind her and tiptoed down to find a slightly smelly but comfortable-looking basement.

When Donna had invited her tonight, Jackie had eagerly accepted, and not entirely for Machiavellian thoughts concerning Hyde. For the past week, Jackie had spent a lot of time with Donna and she’d had a lot of fun. Donna was unlike her other friends, in that she didn’t talk about boys and parties and clothes all the time. Admittedly, Jackie had been itching to give Donna a make-over, but she’d resisted the urge to suggest it to her new friend. In just one week, she and Donna had talked about the Pill, going to college and moving to a whole different state, things she’d never talked about with anyone else. She’d also discovered that Donna had a wicked wit, which kept the two of them giggling whenever they were together.

Spending so much time with Donna had meant hanging out with the guys as well. Fez and Kelso tried to flirt with her all the time, while Eric and Hyde pretty much ignored her. She figured Eric avoided her because he was scared of her, and Hyde had never liked her. She’d caught him smirking a few times when she’d rejected Kelso’s daily pestering for a date with her, which had boosted her confidence. Hyde was the only boy she’d ever felt nervous around, and she guessed it was because he was the only boy who actively disliked her.

Memories crowded her, reminding her why Hyde hated her so much. When she’d been twelve, one of her friends had shouted across the school yard that Eric had peed his pants the day before. Jackie had cringed inwardly, but outwardly, she’d grinned and laughed as Eric had run out of school. Hyde had cornered her five minutes later and threatened retribution, leaving her trembling yet defiant. She hadn’t bothered to tell him that it wasn’t her who’d yelled out as it was pointless. Everyone had thought it was her, and she didn’t care enough to fill them in on the truth. Whenever anything happened to one of Hyde’s friends, he found Jackie and warned revenge, despite her having very little to do with any of the incidents. She hadn’t known that one of the cheerleaders had started a rumour that Donna was a lesbian, just as she hadn’t known that the jocks had locked Fez in a locker overnight, but she’d copped the blame from Hyde. Each time, she’d looked at him insolently and taken the blame, for she’d been culturing a reputation since she’d reached Point Place High.

Hearing the basement door creak open, Jackie quickly kicked her shoes under the couch and slipped towards the darker area of the basement. Luckily, she found a dark room to hide in, as she listened to a girl giggle and a husky voice trying to quiet her. Pressing her ear against the door, she gasped as she recognised Hyde’s chuckle as a high-pitched giggle raised her hackles. The last thing she wanted was to listen to Hyde and a skanky slut having sex in the next room. Scowling, Jackie pressed her ear harder against the door.

“You live down here?” the girl giggled.

Jackie glanced around, noticing for the first time that there was a bed in the room. She’d missed it when she’d crept in, assuming that the room was just used to store junk, but now she realised that the room doubled as a bedroom and a dumping ground. She took note of the Zeppelin poster on the wall and the pile of clean washing balancing on a box in the corner.

A flash of inspiration had Jackie scrambling around before Hyde opened the door to his room.

“It’s so cool that you live in the basement! It’s like having your own apartment!” the girl cooed.

“Not really,” Hyde rolled his eyes before flicking the light switch.

A loud yawn drew his eyes to his bed. A naked girl was sleeping in his bed. A naked Jackie was sleeping in his bed. What the hell?

“Hyde! Turn the lights off, baby, they’re hurting my eyes. Just come to bed, okay?” Jackie said sleepily, turning without opening her eyes.

Jackie heard a stomping sound and a door slamming. Opening an eye slowly, she found herself alone. Grinning, she sat up and rummaged around for her clothes. She’d barely slipped her underwear on before Hyde appeared in the doorway. Jackie fought the instinct to cover her body from his prying eyes, trying to project a brazen image.

“What was that about?” Hyde asked gruffly.

Jackie picked up her clothes and walked towards him. Patting his cheek, she grinned. “I slipped down here earlier. I didn’t want to be stuck in here listening to the two of you have sex, or try to find a reason for being in your room.”

“So you stripped naked, got into my bed and pretended to be expecting me?” Hyde asked suspiciously.

“That’s about it. I hope the two of you weren’t planning marriage or anything,” Jackie giggled as she moved to pass Hyde.

Hyde blocked her exit.

“What are you doing?”

“That’s funny, I was going to ask you the same thing,” Hyde said softly.

“Leaving,” Jackie answered nonchalantly.

“Why the sudden interest in Donna and my friends?” Hyde asked pointedly.

“I like Donna. She’s kinda cool,” Jackie said honestly.

“She’s been cool for sixteen years. Why now?” Hyde narrowed his eyes.

“Why not?” Jackie retorted. “Now, please let me get past, Hyde.”

Still Hyde blocked her way.

Putting her hands on her hips, Jackie fixed her stare on Hyde and raised her eyebrows.

Hyde just looked at her.

Frustrated, Jackie scowled and tried to physically move him. He seemed to be mocking her lack of ability to charm him, as she so easily did with other guys.

He easily caught her hands and held her captive before him.

“Seems to me you cost me a few hours of fun,” Hyde pointed out.

“Look, I’ll go and find the girl and tell her it was all a big joke,” Jackie tried her most endearing smile with no reaction.

Lowering his head, he whispered in her ear, “Or you could slip back into bed and I’ll fulfil your fantasies.”

A shiver ran down Jackie’s spine. Her eyes widened. Was Hyde propositioning her? “Look, Hyde, I’m sorry I ruined your evening, but I’m not going to sleep with you just because your skank left.”

Hyde grinned. “I was thinking about your fantasies of sleeping with me, Jackie. Merely sleeping. Since you scared away the girl I planned to sleep with. But it’s very flattering to know you’ve had fantasies about us having sex.”

Jackie narrowed her eyes and glared at him, unable to reply because she’d dreamt about them having sex every night since she’d seen him at the club.

Hyde shut the door behind him. He turned the key and took it from the lock, keeping it in his hand. He then stripped, causing Jackie to turn away, blushing. She heard him rummaging in a box or a drawer, then saw something land on the bed beside her. Reaching down, she saw it was a t-shirt with Led Zeppelin on the front.

“You can wear that to bed,” Hyde said, straight-faced.

Seething, Jackie slipped the shirt over her head. She reached down and pulled back the blankets once again and slipped into bed, inching over towards the wall. She shut her eyes and heard the light switch being flicked. The bed moved as Hyde climbed into bed. They both lay there, staring at the ceiling, not speaking.

Eventually, Hyde broke the silence. “Why didn’t you try to get the key?”

“I didn’t want it,” Jackie murmured.

“Jackie, what’s going on? Why are you here? I mean, really here?” Hyde asked quietly.

“I want you,” she answered honestly.

Minutes passed in silence. Jackie turned away from Hyde, embarrassed for the moment of honesty. She felt him move behind her, and one arm slipped under her head and the other curved over her, bringing her closer to him. She couldn’t explain how they’d ended up together in his bed in the basement, or why he was holding her like a lover, but she was too tired to do anything but enjoy the night. Smiling, she fidgeted until she was as close to him as she could get.

Hyde waited until she’d stopped fidgeting before closing his eyes. Seeing Jackie naked and in his bed, and listening to her asking him to come to bed with her had done something to him, and here she was, lying in his bed after admitting that she wanted him. He didn’t know why she wanted him, whether she was playing one of her little games, but for tonight he was too tired to care. He’d disliked her since forever, but he’d always desired her. She was beautiful and fragile, the opposite of his usual type. He’d given her his favourite Zeppelin shirt to sleep in, something he’d never done with any other girl, but perhaps it was all part of his fantasy. To have the unobtainable, untouchable Jackie Burkhardt in his bed, wearing his shirt, and sleeping in his arms. That had been his deepest, darkest, unspoken and well hidden fantasy, and now it was fulfilled.

Chapter Four

Jackie opened her locker and checked her makeup in her mirror. She’d hardly slept last night, worrying about who Hyde had told about her staying over, and what the damage to her reputation would be. She’d snuck out of the basement at a very early hour, wearing Hyde’s Zeppelin shirt, the short black skirt she’d worn to the party and her high black platforms. She’d left her top behind, a small price to pay for not waking Hyde up and avoiding the embarrassment of talking to him.

A tap on her shoulder had Jackie spinning around, her eyes wild with fear at being unprepared to deal with the gossiping idiots she called her friends.

“Jackie, what happened to you at the party? You left without saying goodbye,” Donna accused cheerfully. “You missed Fez jumping from the garage in a dress, it was hilarious!”

“Yeah, I was tired. The party was pretty lame anyway,” Jackie ran her fingers through her hair.

“Thanks a lot, Jackie,” Donna huffed.

“I don’t mean it was lame lame, I just meant there weren’t any guys I wanted to hook up with,” Jackie grinned at her friend.

“That’s true,” Donna nodded, her brief sulk forgotten. “All the guys our age are idiots. Except for Eric,” Donna smiled widely.

“Yuh-huh,” Jackie rolled her eyes, grateful that Donna seemed to be clueless about the activity in the basement at the party.

The bell rang for class.

“I’ll meet you by the Vista Cruiser for lunch?” Donna asked as they walked towards their classes.

“Actually, can I meet you by the gym? I’ve got to book the gym for cheerleading practice tomorrow,” Jackie lied.

“Sure,” Donna disappeared into her class.

Jackie sighed as she slid into a seat near the front of the class. As the teacher droned on, Jackie flinched at every giggle she heard, certain that it was aimed at her. The morning dragged by and she managed to avoid talking to anyone until she met Donna for lunch.

“Did you book it?” Donna asked as she approached Jackie.

“What?” Jackie asked, distracted by a group of giggling cheerleaders behind her.

“The gym,” Donna prompted her.

“Oh yeah, I booked the gym,” Jackie muttered as she grabbed Donna’s arm and dragged her outside.

“Are you okay?” Donna asked the younger girl in bemusement.

“I just don’t want to hear stupid girls gossiping about what they did over the weekend,” Jackie said waspishly.

“I thought you lived for gossip,” Donna laughed.

“Not today,” Jackie grumbled.

“Eric’s bringing us lunch from the Hub today,” Donna switched subjects as Jackie seemed uncomfortable whilst they walked towards the parking lot.

“Ugh, more burgers and fries?” Jackie whined. “I bet he doesn’t get me a salad.”

“I don’t think Eric knows what a salad is,” Donna mused.

“I don’t think Eric knows what food is, judging from the size of his legs,” Jackie muttered.

“Hey,” Donna protested. “He’s skinny, but he’s loveable.”

“Sure he is,” Jackie patted her arm condescendingly. “Look, there they are.”

“What are they doing?” Donna stared at them.

“Something stupid,” Jackie rolled her eyes. “Why do you hang out with them, Donna?”

“Because they may be stupid, but they’re my friends,” she sighed. “Sometimes I wonder though.”

As the girls reached the Vista Cruiser, Jackie noticed a second too late that Hyde had his arm wrapped around some skank. She quickly schooled her face into one of disinterest before grabbing a fry from Fez’s stash.

“Jackie!” Fez moaned. “I was saving that one.”

“Sorry Fez,” Jackie smiled brightly at him. “I heard you jumped off Eric’s garage wearing a dress.”

“Ah yes, I am crazy,” Fez laughed happily.

“Fez makes a pretty woman,” Eric noted.

“That says more about you than him, Forman,” Hyde said without taking his eyes off of his food.

“Fez and Eric, sitting in a tree,” Kelso singsonged.

“You’re the one who put him in the dress,” Eric reminded Kelso.

“Dresses are fun,” Kelso grinned.

“… Okay.” Eric shook his head before handing Jackie a burger.

“I told you,” Jackie muttered to Donna as she avoided looking at Hyde and the thing with greasy hair wrapped around him.

“Jackie, my brother’s lending me his Trans-Am whilst he’s … outta state. You wanna go to the Drive In with me?” Kelso asked idly.

Kelso had asked Jackie out every day since she’d become friends with Donna, and every time, Jackie had turned him down with a gentle burn.

With a careful look at Hyde, Jackie smiled sweetly as Hyde’s eyes narrowed. “I’d love to,” she agreed. “Michael.”

“Michael?” Kelso looked confused.

“That’s your name,” Donna reminded him with a sigh.

“Oh yeah,” Kelso laughed stupidly. “Cool!”

“You’re going out with Kelso?” Eric asked Jackie, bemused. “You realise that you have to keep him on a leash, right?”

“I’m sure Michael will be attentive,” Jackie assured Eric. “I mean, if not, there are plenty of other guys at the Drive In that would pay attention to me.”

“I think I should go to the Drive In tonight,” Fez said seriously. “Just in case.”

“It didn’t take long for the real Jackie Burkhardt to make an appearance,” Hyde said idly. “Who had ten days?”

“I did!” Kelso held out his hand. “Great, this’ll pay for our date tonight, Jackie.”

Hyde reached into the Cruiser and handed Kelso some money, before looking at Jackie with a smug smile on his face.

“You had a pool going on Jackie?” Donna asked, frowning at Hyde.

“It was only a matter of time before the real, bitchy Jackie appeared, instead of the weird Pod Jackie that’s been hanging around us for the last week,” Hyde shrugged. “Might as well make some money from her whilst she’s here.”

“Hyde!” Donna’s eyes shot to Jackie, who looked unaffected.

“Don’t worry, Donna,” Jackie smiled at her friend. “Hyde’s just trying to prove that he’s as badass as he likes to think he is.”

She watched Hyde’s detached stare flinch before resuming its coolness.

“Unfortunately for him, he’s trying to prove it on the wrong person. I’ve met guys more badass then you could ever hope to be, Hyde,” Jackie said sweetly. “And they were better in bed.”

And with that, Jackie headed back to school, a beatific smile on her face and a laugh in her eyes as she heard deafening silence behind her. Hyde would never beat her at this game, she’d had too much experience at it.

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