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stolemyworld wrote in that70sfanfic
I'm being supremely lazy and just linking all my T7S fics from my fanfic journal. Unfortunately, you have to be friended to read them, so don't comment saying that you can't see anything, that's the reason why ;D

Oh, and they're all Jackie/Hyde.

A Fit Of The Giggles (complete)
A Kiss Goodbye (complete)
Blind Truth (complete)
Blurred Reality (complete)
Freedom (complete)
Good Synonyms (complete)
Home Sweet Home (complete)
Kindling The Flames (complete)
Scorching Heat (incomplete)
Silent Night (complete)
The Games People Play (incomplete)
Their Sanctuary Part I Part II (complete)

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I remember I liked most of the stories listed and the others I haven't read but I would love to. Not to mention reread the others

How do you become a friend?

Please add me so I can read these, I'd really appreciate it! (:

Please please please let me be your friend. Lots of new JH stories....I'll be the best friend ever. I won't borrow money, I won't ask you to help me move, and I won't use your car and not refill the tank.

Signed up specifically to read these stories. Please add me.

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