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Sixteen Candles/ Ch 2/ JH fic
remedychild wrote in that70sfanfic
A/N This chapter is dialogue-centric...basically more a filler to get from point A to point B without dragging things along. It gets even more (if it was at all, that is) interesting next chapter. Especially since I'll probably abandon going by the script since I have them where I want them now.

And I'm re-posting this chapter here for rocky and everyone who's too damn lazy to sign up with LJ. =P


Jackie took a seat next to Donna as the bus started to pull away from the school parking lot and huffed.

“Jackie, if you keep doing that you’re going to make yourself even more depressed about this.”

“Fine, I’ll laugh every ten seconds then.”

“Now, that’ll just be creepy.” Donna nudged her. “Cheer up, we’re going to the mall to spend our life savings on stuff we don’t really need and then it’s movie time. And you haven’t decided, Risky Business or Flashdance?”

“Isn’t Staying Alive out yet?” Jackie frowned. “I want some Travolta.”

“Not until next month.”

“Hmm, ugly half-naked guy dancing in his underwear or decent stripper girl dancing in her underwear?”

“Girl.” They both answered, laughing.

“Okay, this is my stop. Feel better and I’ll see you tonight.”

Jackie waved, forcing a smile. “See ya.”

“Hey, how’s it going?” A geek had filled Donna’s seat and she rolled her eyes.

“How’s what going?”

“You know, things, life…whatnot…” He shrugged.

“Life isn’t whatnot and it isn’t any of your business.”

“Well, that’s to be determined, I mean, our lives are pathways and paths cross….okay, you’re not buying that. Sorry. So, you going to the New Faces Dance tonight?”

“That’s also none of your business.”

“Are you inhibited about dancing in public? Because to tell you the truth, so am I. Me and my dudes just hang near the bleachers. And drink And eat….do you eat?”

Jackie raised a brow as he took his cue to continue the one-sided conversation.

“So, I mean, what’s your story? You got a guy?”

“Yes, actually. Three big ones and they crave freshman blood. So quit bugging me or I’ll sic them on you.”

The geek sat up. “You know, I’m getting input here that I’m reading as relatively hostile.”

“And so you’re just going to sit here and stare at me until I succumb to…what is your appeal, exactly?’

“Ouch. Very hostile. Okay, okay, I just have one question…”

“Yes, you’re a total queer.”

“Ah, that wasn’t my question….am I turning you on?”

Jackie scoffed and slid past him as the bus came to a stop.

Eric Forman sat back on his seat and shook his head. “It’s encouraging.” He announced to the girl across the aisle from him.

Caroline smiled. “Uh huh.”

Jackie sat in the den with the house phone cradled on her shoulder as she flipped through a random magazine angrily. “So, let’s review. Not only has my immediate family forgotten my birthday but my grandparents, on both sides, forgot, too. Don’t they live for that crap?”

Donna shrugged on the other side of the line. “Maybe your birthday luck got lost in Chicago and it’ll be here tomorrow?”

“Oh, and that’s not everything Donna! No, not only have those horrible old cretins forgot, they moved into my room for my sister’s stupid wedding.”

“Do you want to stay with me until this blows over? I mean, my parents remembered and I wasn’t supposed to tell you but they have a cake hiding in the fridge for you.”

Jackie gasped. “Ask them if they’ll adopt me as a gift.”

Donna smiled. “Sure thing.”

“I saved the best thing for last, too. Just guess what else I have to deal with tonight.”

“Oh, no, what?”

“My grandparents took in a foreign exchange student from…some country…and he’s staying here, too. His name is hard to pronounce so I’m just calling him Fez.” Jackie paused for dramatic effect. “And they’re making me bring him to the dance tonight.”

“Is he cute?”


“What? Sometimes foreign guys are hot. So, is he?”

“Not really, maybe if his accent weren’t so bad. And if he wasn’t so weird. He calls me “Yackie”.”

Donna laughed. “Tonight’s going to be awesome, maybe he’ll do some majorly insane dance and we can take pictures.”

Jackie skimmed the dance floor. “I wonder if Hyde’s here yet.”

“I don’t think it’s healthy to get jacked about some guy that isn’t a thing yet.”

“Well if you have nothing you have nothing to lose, right?”

“There’s a cheerful thought. Look, there’s Jimmy! Let’s go sit with him.”

Jackie sighed and trailed behind her, still looking out for a head of curly hair and sunglasses.


“That’s the one, dude.” Eric said, pointing.

Duckie squinted.” She doesn’t look like a freshman.”

“Sophomore, man! We do the bus together.”

“You talk to her?” Kelso looked skeptical.

“Talk? I have a relationship with her.”

“Get out.” Duckie slid down the wall.

“I bet you my Obi Wan Kenobi card by tonight we’ll have an interface.”

“You’re on but we need proof.” Kelso said.

“What kind of proof?”


“You’re dumber than I thought, Kelso.”

“Fine, underwear.”

Eric shrugged. “No prob.”

Her underwear.” Duckie rectified.

Swallowing, he nodded again. “Like I said, no prob. Now if you’ll excuse me, I promised her a dance.”

Hyde sighed a breath of relief as Pam finally skittered off with her friends to the bathroom, his feet were aching and they had danced for three songs straight. He was pouring some punch when his gaze landed across the floor. Just in time to catch some skinny guy pull Jackie on to the dance floor and proceed to twirl in circles around her. Jackie, on the other hand, looked horrified and he held back a smile. Deciding to save her any more embarrassment, he set down his cup and walked across to them.

“Excuse me,” He stepped in front of the geek. “I’d like to have a word with Jackie here if you don’t mind.”

Jackie’s eyes widened as did the boy’s and before he knew it, the nerd was talking a mile a minute.

“Oh man, I’m really sorry. Is she yours? I totally thought she was joking about having three guys and…I must be on drugs. I swear she grabbed me.”

“Hey! Calm down.” Hyde patted his shoulder and turned to Jackie only to find she fled.

“Now, where’d she go?”

“She likes to run off a lot.” The boy informed.

“You know her?”

“Yeah, we met on the bus and ever since I couldn’t get her out of my head. She’s small but she smells pretty good and her eyes…dude, they’re two different colors. When she’s mad they kind of sparkle and…she drives me crazy.”

Hyde nodded. “She come here with you?”

“No but if it’s okay with my dad, she’s coming home with me.”

“Hey, what’s your name anyway?”

“Farmer Forman.”



Hyde shook his head. “I won’t ask.”
Jackie was in the middle of heaving when Pam and her friends turned the corner.

“Do you guys want to blow off this dance?” The blonde’s voice echoed throughout the empty hall.

“I’m bored to the brink of insanity.”

“Hey, Hyde’s parents aren’t home, we can do his house.”

Jackie quickly took a deep breath and calmed herself as they passed. She couldn’t get his voice out of her head. He knew her name. He wanted to talk to her. He knew her name and he wanted to tall to her! She swallowed and suddenly remembered where it went wrong…she ran. She actually ran from the auditorium as that geek explained himself. She rolled her eyes at her own stupidity.


The geek had found her.

She gave up. “Hi.”

He was quiet for a moment. “So…why’d you run off? Were you embarrassed to be seen with me in front of Hyde?”

“Actually no, I was embarrassed to be me in front of Hyde.” Jackie laughed and shook her head. “Stupid, huh?”

“Kind of. I think he likes you, he asked me what you were like.”

“And to get me back for insulting you, you told him I was a total bitch and to stay clear, right?”

“What’s with the defeatist attitude? You’re prettier than you think…and nicer, some girls don’t even let me get one word in. You holding a conversation longer then 5 seconds with me means you’re actually the nicest girl I’ve met yet.”

“I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not.”

“You should. So why the sulking?”

“It’s my birthday.”

“I thought you weren’t supposed to be depressed on your birthday until you were 30 or something.”

Jackie laughed. “No, my family…they just sorta blew it off.”

“If it weren’t for my mom, I think my family would do the same thing. This is pretty bad considering I forgot my mom’s birthday this year, too. I felt horrible.”

“How’d you make it up to her?”

“We did whatever she wanted to do and embarrassed ourselves in the process….it was square dancing.”

“Well, that’s cool. Not the square dancing but you guys going out of your way to make her feel better.”

“I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Farmer Forman.”

“Jackie Burkhardt. And I refuse to call you that, what’s your real name?”


“Okay, Eric. If you were me, how would you react to this whole Hyde thing?”

“I wouldn’t run away, for one.”

She rolled her eyes. “And?”

“I’d hear what he wanted to talk about and pretend I’m actually having a happy birthday.”

“You’re not so bad, Eric.”

“You won’t think that once you hear what I ask next.” He cringed.

“No, I won’t have sex with you in thanks for giving me birthday advice.”

“Well that answers one half of the question….um. How do I put this? I made a bet with my idiot friends that I’d do it with you by the end of the night.”

“How tragic.” Jackie crossed her arms.

“All I need is proof; we don’t have to get physical.”

“You are so not getting my panties, dweeb.”

Hyde examined the garment one more time before turning to Eric.

“You sure these are hers, man?” He stretched the elastic on the underwear and balled it up in his hands.

“Yep.” Eric fished around the kitchen for toothpicks.

“How’d you get ‘em?”

He handed Hyde a napkin. ”She gave them to me.”

“And how much did you pay her?”

“Nothing! And I’m insulted by that very accusation. She was helping me out since I helped her.” Eric shrugged. “It was a trade-off.”

“How come she’s so damn nice to you? I’m starting to doubt that it’s me she’s after.” Hyde laughed.

“Well, for one…and sadly, she isn’t crushing on me, so she isn’t nervous. And evidently, she runs when she’s nervous. So you should be pretty flattered for making her flee every time you guys come in to contact.”

“Thanks, man. That helps.” Hyde sighed. “You better not be fucking with me, it’d suck if I were trying to get together and find this whole running away theory of yours was bull.”

“Hyde, would I dick you?” Eric stood. “Let me put it this way, what happens if I dick you?”

Laughing, Hyde shrugged. “I’d beat the hell out of you.”

“Exactly. So why would I lie?” Eric’s face suddenly got serious. “Though I feel compelled to mention that if all you want from Jackie is a piece of ass...I mean, by the grace of God, I’ll do it myself or I’ll get someone bigger than me to kick your ass.”

Hyde’s voice lowered. “I can get a piece of ass any time I want.”

“I know. I’m just saying, it’s obvious Jackie really likes you and if you took advantage of that…”

“Look, I know. Okay? I mean, I have the proof on paper…I just have a feeling I want her for another reason.”

“What paper?” Eric crossed his arms. “And what other reason?”

“Dude, forget it. You said you had her number?” Hyde put down his drink to get the phone.

“Yeah but it’s pretty late, you think we should call?” He pulled out the piece of paper and handed it to Hyde.

“We aren’t calling, I’m calling.” Hyde muttered as he dialed.

Eric raised his hands in mock offense. “Yeah, okay, fine. But if you wanna get in the girl’s good graces, I’d start with not waking her up in the middle of the night.”

Hyde threw him a look as the phone rang on the other line.

“Just sayin’.”
Jackie flipped through the channels in the Pinciotti den before sighing. “Donna. I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry.” Donna rolled her eyes.

“Do you have chips?” Jackie batted her eyes and pouted.

“Nope. No sympathy snacks for you. You’re the one who ran off twice when Hyde came up to you. You deserve no mercy for that.”

“Oh, come on, he caught me off guard! And then when Eric told me he asked about me? How do I know that wasn’t some prank? I didn’t need another thing to add to my birthday misery, thank you very much.”

“Well, we don’t. And I still can’t believe you gave Farmer Forman your underwear.”

“Don’t remind me. I also gave him my number. What’s wrong with me?” Jackie plopped down on to the pillow.

“You’re suffering from birthdayamensianitis.” Donna nodded sagely.

“You’re such a moron.” Jackie laughed.

Suddenly the phone rang and Donna jumped to get it. Shrugging when Jackie pointed to her watch. “Hello?”

Donna’s face lit up. “And how’d you get this number?”

“Oh.” Donna covered the mouth piece and whispered to Jackie. “It’s Hyde.”

Jackie gasped. “It is not.”

“I swear on Mr. Bonkers.”

“Well, what’s he want?” Jackie looked frantic.

“He wants to talk to you!”

“He can’t. Oh my God. How’d he know I was even here?”

“Said he called your house and they said you were here and I’m listed.” Donna threw the phone at her. “Talk!”

Jackie violently threw the pillow at Donna before taking the phone. “H-hello?”

to be continued...


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