Kismet/Ch 7 (Jackie/Hyde AU)
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Hi! Upon reading the subject line you're all probably thinking "Um, Luci, you didn't write Kismet. ANNIE wrote Kismet." And while that is true, the latest chapter is written both by her and I. Funky, ain't it?

Anyhow, on with the fic. (you need to have her friended to read the story)

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I'm being supremely lazy and just linking all my T7S fics from my fanfic journal. Unfortunately, you have to be friended to read them, so don't comment saying that you can't see anything, that's the reason why ;D

Oh, and they're all Jackie/Hyde.

A Fit Of The Giggles (complete)
A Kiss Goodbye (complete)
Blind Truth (complete)
Blurred Reality (complete)
Freedom (complete)
Good Synonyms (complete)
Home Sweet Home (complete)
Kindling The Flames (complete)
Scorching Heat (incomplete)
Silent Night (complete)
The Games People Play (incomplete)
Their Sanctuary Part I Part II (complete)

"Resolutions", part one of two.
Author - stormer1_1/Inner Fantasy/SSG...I go by many names.
Pairing - Jackie/Fez. Big honkin' surprise. Also a dash of Eric/Donna for good measure.
Rating - NC-17, safe to say.
Warnings - Graphic erotic scenery, harsh language tossed about here and there. Nothing smut lovers would find offensive.
Disclaimer - Characters property of Fox/ Casey-Werner. Don't sue, I have nothing but madcap creative jones'.
Summary - Self doubt gets the best of Jackie during the Forman's New Year's party; Fez, being Fez, makes every effort to assuage her.

Generally speaking, Jackie Burkhardt had never adapted well to change.Collapse )

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Crosby closeup
If this community is on your f-list, you'll probably be temporarily bombarded with entries as I re-post fics on the J/H fanfic list for the authors who are currently AWOL. I apologize ahead of time.

And Cari, or Luci or any of you know how to get ahold of Bucks? I can't find her LJ. =(

it's what I like to do.
Title - No Secrets (Part II of the Evolution Trilogy)
Author - Noah Colum
Pairing - Eric/Kelso, Hyde/Eric. I know, I'm whoring him out. Bear with me.
Rating - PG-13 (Whole series NC-17)
Warnings - Slash, Classic Rock. Graphic sex found in other segments.
Disclaimer - Characters property of Fox. Lyrics property of Columbia and Sony.
Summary - I'd give my very sanity to feel you the way Kelso has.

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see the stoplight turnin' red, don't you listen to what it said.

This marks my first entry as a member of this community. I'm hoping you all like my work! But be warned, this is slash. Don't read it if you're not into that sort of thing. Seriously.

Title - No Regrets
Author - Noah Colum
Pairing - Kelso/Eric
Rating - NC-17
Warnings - Slash, Graphic Sex, Classic Rock.
Disclaimer - Characters property of Fox. Lyrics property of Columbia and Sony.
Summary - No pot, Eric had said. No regrets. Whatever that meant.

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Sixteen Candles/ Ch 2/ JH fic
A/N This chapter is dialogue-centric...basically more a filler to get from point A to point B without dragging things along. It gets even more (if it was at all, that is) interesting next chapter. Especially since I'll probably abandon going by the script since I have them where I want them now.

And I'm re-posting this chapter here for rocky and everyone who's too damn lazy to sign up with LJ. =P

Sixteen Candles//Chapter TwoCollapse )

Scorching Heat
Title: Scorching Heat
Chapter: Chapters 1-4
Pairing: Jackie/Hyde
Genre: AU, Smic/Smut, Humor, Drama
Rating: PG at the moment
Summary: Another gem stemming from Jackie never getting with Kelso. Jackie's a bitch/slut, Hyde hates her with as much passion as he can muster in his zen state and fun and games stem from there =)

... and they were better in bed.Collapse )

That Long Hot Summer
Title: That Long Hot Summer Chapter 9

Notes: I don't even know where to begin…How about a big thank you to everyone who reviewed or e-mailed me during my rather lengthy hiatus. I'm not sure I could say this would have gotten posted if I didn't get them. I hope that the next chapter will be available in a timelier manner. And many thanks to Luci who did a lovely beta job.

Previous Chapters found here

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Can one of you guys do a quick beta for me?


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